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Are Zoya and Obie dating on Gossip Girl?

There were hints that Zoya and Obie would get together in the Gossip Girl series premiere. Did that happen by the second episode?

Julian wasn’t about to let Obie go easily. Not only does she still like him, but she realizes during the second episode of the revival that her followers for their followers. Her fans started to leave her in droves when there was news that Obie had left Julian for Zoya.

Naturally, Julian went on the attack. She initially wanted to take down Gossip Girl, but then she realized the attack should be on Zoya. So, she did everything she could to mess up Zoya’s life. Is this rivalry going to continue throughout the series? Will it be the next Blair and Serena?

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What happens between Zoya and Obie on Gossip Girl Episode 2?

While Julian tried to get Obie back, he made it clear that he wasn’t interested. It wasn’t just what she did against Zoya. There had been problems for a while, and Obie decided to bring the relationship to an end. There was nothing for Julian to do to save it.

Meanwhile, Obie was enjoying his time with Zoya. He laughed with her, and she encouraged him to be a better person. Obie already seems to be the kindest of the elite group, but he didn’t do anything big until Zoya mentioned it. He arranged to head to an art supply store during the night to buy everything he could, taking out the middle man of the fundraising to put supplies in classrooms.

Julian initially planned to destroy everything, but in the end, she took a step back. She’s opened the door for Zoya and Obie to become a thing, and that’s where we leave them both at the end of Episode 2.

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